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Blue Sand Securities was built on the belief that investment talent and sound ethical practices are the cornerstones of institutional investment success. These values have helped Blue Sand raise over $12 Billion in assets for our client funds. The Blue Sand team speaks or meets with 100+ prospective managers annually and from those selects only a handful of new funds to work with each year. 20 years of successful hedge fund capital-raising has shaped the firm to be well-attuned to market nuance and attentive to detail, so we recognize when a fund has an interesting strategy or approach. We uncover uncorrelated managers who produce alpha, have intriguing risk vs. reward profiles, and who are off the beaten path of most investors. We’re matchmakers in the marketing world and seek to bring together superior investment talent and investors seeking to allocate to unique strategies. Our targeted marketing approach cuts through the noise in the alternative space. Our team brings together the relevant industry experience and passion of seasoned partners, sophisticated fund of funds analysts, compliance experts, and dedicated alternative asset marketers.



Our new manager deal flow comes from many sources including existing and former clients, personal and professional referrals, service providers and capital introduction groups, and existing investors. Most of our fund agreements outline an exclusive long-term relationship with an emerging or midsized manager who seeks to transition from being a boutique friends and family funded organization, to an institutional-caliber investment manager. Blue Sand's interests are aligned with those of the fund manager - we are paid solely on a success basis. With no upfront or retainer fees, we earn a percentage of the fees generated on assets we raise.


We’ve spent 20+ years establishing deep relationships with sophisticated institutional investors including Private Banks, Family Offices, Endowments, Foundations, Pension Funds, Consultants, Insurance Companies, Investment Advisors, and Fund of Funds. Carefully cultivating ongoing relationships enables us to tailor the marketing strategy to investors who have expressed an interest in a particular strategy. Pre-qualifying investors adds value on both sides of the relationship: for the fund manager by ensuring that marketing trips are productive and efficient, and for the investor by introducing relevant and appropriate investment opportunities.

Additional Services


In addition to fund raising activities, Blue Sand can assist in the refinement of key marketing documents such as investor presentations, one-pagers, and due diligence materials. Although most of this work is done at the inception of our relationship with a fund, these materials may be updated and continuously improved throughout the marketing process. Blue Sand also works with the manager from the outset of the relationship to enhance the marketing pitch and presence based on many factors including investor feedback, to position them for continued success.


Blue Sand's principals have 50+ years of collective experience in alternative assets fundraising, and as successful private entrepreneurs. This puts us in a position to counsel fund managers for maximum effectiveness. Advice on prospective seed investment deals, business planning, compensation issues, partnership relationships, and potential hires are all ancillary benefits of working with Blue Sand.


In addition to its core business of raising capital for private funds, Blue Sand offers a platform for like-minded entrepreneurial Registered Representatives. These are usually individuals who don’t have the infrastructure or capital to create their own Broker Dealer but require a platform to license and support them in the market. Our firm provides the infrastructure of due diligence, compliance, and business development, as well as other optional consulting services. We carefully screen prospects including running complete background checks and they receive the same compliance onboarding, training, and ongoing supervision as our internal team. This arrangement allows external affiliates to leverage our experience and resources so they can focus on raising capital for their mandates.

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